Do you remember the time when children were baptized receiving gold jewelry instead of money in an envelope? Many people still think that it is an investment for years, almost the same as buying an apartment, only on a much smaller scale. They are right.

However strange it may sound, investing is also a way to save. Buying gold is a relatively safe move compared to movements in the stock and bond market. How much does this raw material cost? Where to buy it and how to store gold? We invite you to read.

Is it worth investing in gold?

Interest in gold is closely related to dollars (which will be discussed later), which is why since the stormy presidential elections in the United States, it no longer raises such emotions. This is a good time to learn more about the gold market and make decisions on possible investments. Gold perfectly fills the investment gap created during the stabilization on the capital market and among share prices. This is one of the goods that long-term investors focus on, so if you don’t lack patience – it’s worth following in their footsteps. Are you not convinced? Here are 4 more arguments:

  1. gold is a means of payment known and accepted all over the world
  2. is a deficit commodity, therefore it can be assumed that in the next few years its value will not fluctuate too much – in any case it will rise sooner than fall
  3. unlike paper currencies, this metal is not inflationary
  4. gold can be inherited, and people who save it will not have to pay a donation tax.

An investment in gold also brings some kind of prestige. It is not excluded that the exclusivity of this commodity (such as works of art) attracts more investors, especially those who have lost confidence in state authorities and paper money. Gold is an excellent alternative for them.

Is gold expensive?

We wrote above that only the gold price chart is important for investors. Good Finance. The value of gold is paramount, but keep in mind that its price is expressed in US dollars. Therefore, we who earn in PLN cannot ignore the current exchange rates of PLN to USD. Let’s not forget about the relationship between gold and dollar – the stronger the dollar, the lower the value of gold and vice versa.

Gold bars are not on the shelves next to flour and rice, but access to gold is common, and purchase – extremely simple. We can buy it in a stationary store (in the form of bars or coins), using a brokerage account or using companies.

How to buy gold? Deliberately

It will be best for us if we buy them at the cheapest price, but when its value is high. Then we have the chance for the biggest profit. We also suggest that you decide on larger quantities of small weights than invest all capital in one gold bar. This maneuver will allow us to sell the ore faster, if necessary.

Bullion coins, in turn, about which in a moment), we will purchase at the National Bank of Poland. Online purchases from a certain dealer are just as safe unless you want to use the Allegro auction – we strongly advise against this step. Apart from the risk of possible fraud, when making a purchase from a seller who does not run a business, we will have to pay an additional 2% tax on gold (if it cost at least PLN 1,000) for civil law transactions.


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